Friday, October 11, 2013

Time to Relax....Almost

Our time here in Dallas so far has been relaxing, but not uneventful. Our first night back in civilization was a good one! We celebrated with a dinner of filet mignon and Alaskan king crab legs! More good news came in the form of new jobs, we received official word that we both have jobs at Vail Reorts in Keystone! I will be working in the ski school, assisting the ski instructors and guests. Rheann will be working in the day care, and will be implementing an art program there!
We went shopping to replenish our supplies, but Rheann and I had some decisions to make about our trip. Due to the national park shut down, we have determined that it would take us too long to reach Colorado by bicycle. Our jobs start on November 1st, so we have decided to rent a car to drive up there. We have found a place to live, and we are so excited to arrive!
This will not be the end of our adventures! We are going to have fun this winter, snowboarding is going to be a blast! We plan on getting back on the bikes in late April. We will be heading to California then! I will still update the blog at least weekly, I'm sure the fun we are having won't stop! Keep following us!

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