Sunday, October 6, 2013


Day 13
Roadkill count: 9! (Including the ninja turtle, Donatello) 2 dogs, 1 stinky skunk, 1 evil raccoon, a possum, 1 snake pancake, and 2 UFO's

I woke up this morning at 6am ready to ride! Rheann wasn't off to a great start though. Her rear tire was flat, and she couldn't find her gloves. The gloves don't sound like a big deal, but they keep blisters off of our hands. When you are riding as far as we are, small problems have a tendency to get big quickly. Her day wasn't getting off to a good start.

The weather was cool and foggy. We pedaled hard and got some good miles in early. We got 20 miles in before 10am! The scenery wasn't bad, and the roads weren't very busy. It was an enjoyable morning.
We reached a town called Slocum, and Rheann had some more bad luck! Her chain snapped right off of her bike! On top of that, the chain ring got her in the leg! Here is a pic of how it looks right now.
It took me 20 minutes of fighting with the chain before I decided to take a link out and fit the chain back on. We thought that would be the end of it, but we were wrong!
We got about 5 miles down the road when Rheann's chain snapped again! The link that I repaired snapped as well. There wasn't going to be enough chain to keep repairing it like this, so we needed another solution. 
Then out of nowhere, a guy named Chuck stopped to help us. We were frustrated, so we didn't quite give him the warm welcome he deserved, but he offered to help us anyway. He brought us a few miles down the road to a bike shop. I do need to add that he was headed the other way before he stopped! Here is a picture of Mr. Chuck and Rheann.
Chuck is a pastor in Grapeland. He should be wearing a cape in this picture, because he was our hero! We were really in a bind before he showed up!
We stocked up on some bike parts we needed at the Dogwood bike shop in Palestine. After taking a short break while repairing the bikes, we hit the road. We were originally going to Fairfield Lake state park, but now that we caught a ride further north we changed our route. We decided to head towards Athens, Tx.
For the rest of our ride, it was just us and the cows. We would moo at them and they would just stare.
While on the road, we have some weird moments. Riding for hours and hours can get boring sometimes. To deal with it, we have the most random conversations. Sometimes one of us even breaks out into song! Rheann and I are perfect together!
We are almost to Dallas! We went out to celebrate tonight.
I spoke with my mom tonight, since we are so close to her house she is coming out to meet us tomorrow! We are going to catch a ride with her from Gun Barrel City! We will ride 21 miles tomorrow and finally reach Dallas! We are going to take a break for a week or so before heading out to Colorado!


  1. I know the chain ring scratches very well. I have a few friends who have even tattooed over their chain ring scars (these guys also have about 5 other bike related tattoos each). A chain repair in my house is no problem, but for whatever reason when I am out on the road or on a trail, it never goes smoothly. A week break sounds nice, and it should renew your spirits!

    1. I (rheann) already have my share of bike related scars on my legs! The dang chain ring is killing me!! We are thinking about getting some tattoos to commemorate our trip so far!