Friday, October 4, 2013

Spider Bro!

Day 12

Yesterday was a day of rest! We stayed for another day at Mission Tejas state park. We couldn't post anything because the wifi was spotty, so I am posting this from my next stop.
Our morning started out fairly normal with some pancakes for breakfast, but then I saw something that I thought was pretty cool!
We run into a lot of spiders and insects while out camping. They jump on us while we shower, throw late night parties in our tent, and even come to eat with us at the table. But this one spider, he was just out in the woods. I call this bad dude "spider bro". You are seeing correctly. This guy is eating a caterpillar that is also eating a bee. Spider bro doesn't care, he ate the bee after he was done! 
After I was finished watching spider bro, Rheann and I went out geocaching. Geocaching is an activity that many people haven't heard about, so let me explain. Geocaching is another word for treasure hunting! In other words, we got to be pirates for the morning! Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh! We borrowed a gps from the ranger station. It already had the locations of our treasure saved on it. We followed the signal until we were close, but couldn't find it. It was hidden, just as any good treasure should be. 
After about 20 minutes of searching the area, Rheann found it! She beat me to the treasure. I didn't want to be a pirate anyway :(
The rule of geocaching is that you get to take one item, but you have to leave one as well. We made off with a glow stick.
If you want to know what we left, you will have to go to the park and find the treasure yerself matey! (Just kidding, I've always wanted to be a pirate!)
After we had our fun treasure hunting, Rheann and I went fishing. We needed to get some bait, so we started looking under logs for grubs. We didn't have much luck, but then some help arrived! The park ranger, Gary, showed up with some worms and a bottle of milk for us! He had overheard us talking about wanting to ride 12 miles into town to get some things, and he went for us! That was amazingly nice of him! 
Armed with our bait, we knew dinner was only a few casts away! I couldn't wait to catch us dinner, but today was definitely Rheann's day, she beat me at fishing as well!
See that face? That face is her grinning so hard because she caught more fish than me. I brought in only two fish, and she hauled in 7! We were only able to keep five, but that was enough for some more fish tacos!


  1. Awesome!!! Lynn (owner of Bryan's) and I are going geocaching while in Shreveport...she's taking me for an early birthday present! I can't wait to see what other adventures you have and be safe!

  2. Great post! Looks like a relaxing day, and everyone knows there is rarely a better meal than fresh caught fish!

  3. I did not know y'all were into geocaching. Sarah and I have been doing it too. I get lucky the other day and scored a geocoin (in St. James Pairsh!) I am about to set up my own cach too.

    1. It was Brian's first time but I've did it a lot g up. I have I helped set up in fl too. The site had a gps we could borrow so we decided to have some fun with it!