Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Colorado Bound!

We have faced a lot of problems on our trip, but the most difficult one was the national park shutdown. We decided that a bike ride to Colorado wasn't going to happen. The distances between state parks was too far in some places, and we were running out of time.
We had about two weeks to find a place to stay, figure out our job situations, get some winter clothes, and find a cheap rental car with enough room for all of our stuff. We stayed busy, but we were able to get it all done!
We enjoyed the visit with my Mom, but we were very excited to get to Colorado! The time to leave was here! Rheann found a great deal on an SUV, 200 dollars for a one way rental to Denver. We packed up that rental car so full, that we could barely close the doors!
The weather was starting to cool down in Dallas, but nowhere near what we were going to face in Colorado!
The drive was cloudy and rainy for most of Texas, but we still enjoyed being out on the open road again!
We crossed through New Mexico, and Rheann snapped a picture of the hills there. The sun was back out, and the scenery was beautiful!
Once we crossed into Colorado, it didn't take long for the temperature to drop outside, it was half of what it was when we left Texas a few hours ago!
When we arrived in Denver, we decided to stay the night there. I didn't want to take a chance driving the mountain pass at night, and Rheann wanted to see an old friend, Jeanette. After being on the road for about 15 hours, we decided to meet up with her for drinks in downtown Denver.
After celebrating our arrival in Denver, Jeanette let us stay at her place. We ended up getting to bed at 3am. It was a very long day, and we were exhausted, but we were headed to Silverthorne tomorrow!

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  1. Any update on the lovers' journey these days ? Very exciting stuff!