Monday, September 30, 2013

Texas State Line!

Day 9
Roadkill count: 6 (2 possums, 1 bird, 1 snake, 2 UFOs)
We finally made it to Texas! It definitely wasn't easy getting here. We are so proud to have made it this far! We have pushed ourselves beyond exhaustion and have overcome many problems on the way. Looking back on what we have been through, Rheann and I could not have made it this far without each other. We are a great team, and it is our teamwork that has brought us our success.

The day started out rain soaked for us. It was a real challenge to keep our gear dry. We tried to wait and see if the rain would let up, but we had to leave in the rain at 10am to allow us enough time to complete our ride. Thankfully, the rain didn't last much longer. We were able to stop and joke around with a few more pictures.

Our next challenge would be the hilly terrain ahead of us. We climbed at least 80-90 hills on our 40 mile ride. If we weren't climbing a hill, we were riding down another and heading to the next one! There was literally no flat part of the ride today!
At around the 25 mile mark, we were exhausted. We took a break and talked about how far we have come. I think that talk pumped us up somehow, because we attacked the ride with renewed vigor. We were able to make it through the hills of Texas by sheer willpower!
We stopped in Jasper. Our tent was dirty and some of our gear was soaked. We decided to get a hotel room tonight so we could dry out our gear and charge our electronics. Our hotel room is pure chaos!
Here is all of the dirt that we washed off of our tent!
We are headed to Hank Creek park tomorrow in the Anglelina National Forest. It will be another 40 mile ride in similar terrain, but we will be ready for the hills this time! 


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