Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Against The Wind

Day 3
Road kill count: 4 ( 2 raccoons and 2 puppies ): )
Our route yesterday took us from Sherburne WMA to Chicot State Park. It was another 50 mile day, and this ride had unique challenges for us to overcome as well. There weren't any dangerous roads this time, but the wind was brutal! 
After riding for 24 miles straight into the wind, we felt like we needed a long break. We stopped at a Subway that also had wifi. We ate lunch there and rest our legs for a bit.
We hit the road after an hour break and ran right into a rainstorm. We didn't mind the rain at all, but we had to scramble to protect our gear that was outside of our bob bags. 
After the rain passed, we caught a break from the wind. We were able to ride a little faster, but since we weren't struggling so hard, we were able to appreciate our surroundings more. We stopped and took a few pictures on the way.
We finally got to camp at about 5:30. We usually average about 12-14 mph on our rides, but we went at half that. The ride ended up taking us almost 9 hours! We were exhausted but we took one last picture.
When we arrived  to the campground, we met a fellow cyclist named Ricky Fotenot. After we told him our story, and he was impressed! Apparently the route we took to get here kills multiple cyclists every year, so much so that local cyclists call it the "death road". Ricky went and got us a six pack of blue moon, saying "if I ever ride across the basin, I hope someone buys me a beer!" That was so nice of him! Thank you! I wish we had taken a picture!
The trip so far has been really good for us. We have already met a ton of nice people, and have gotten a lot of help along the way. Rheann and I are getting much closer and this is great for our relationship. Time means much less to us now that we don't have such a busy life. We aren't constantly in a hurry and we can just enjoy being together. We are working well together, but I do have to add that Rheann is pretty capable. She is great at camping and I don't think I would have made it even this far without her!
We will be taking a day off today and staying again in Chicot. We want to get some fishing in, so we will be renting a canoe and going explore! I am looking forward to some r&r! I will probably post another entry tonight, we will make sure to take pictures of all the fun today!

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