Friday, September 27, 2013

A Mew Friend

Day 5
Road kill count: 2 (1 possum, 1 evil raccoon)
Today we said goodbye to the great campsites at Chicot State Park. They really spoiled us with the electricity and wifi. The plan was to ride to Oakdale, which was about 26 miles, and stealth camp. Instead we rode 59 miles to the Lake Fullerton campground. There is no running water here, but you can see the stars clearer than any other camp we have stayed at so far! This place is really remote!
The ride today was the longest we have done yet, but it was surprisingly easy for us. We did have the added challenge of numerous hills, but we overcame them one at a time. The entire ride was very scenic. We spent most of the day riding in roads through forests. The sun stayed behind the trees and we rode in the shade! The weather was beautiful as well.
We did meet a few new friends today, but the one that sticks out the most for us had fur. This little kitten came out of nowhere and started chasing after my bike. This kitten was meowing at us and chasing us, almost like it was asking us for help. She was injured, so we decided to take her with us into the next town. I really wanted to bring her with us on our trip, but we wouldn't have been able to care for her. We ended up bringing her to the fire station in Oakdale. We left her with all the beef jerky she could eat and some fresh water, hopefully the firefighters will take good care of her!

We also met some nice people in the Subway there, we told them about our blog and that we would mention them. Hi to the workers at Subway in Oakdale!
After we ate lunch, we noticed that we were really behind schedule. The whole ordeal with the kitten took a lot of time and we did deviate from our route to take care of her. We decided to step it up since we only had a few hours of daylight left.
When we got into Fullerton, people at the general store gave us weird looks. We have been getting a few of those on our trip, but the people being nice to us far outnumber them. That includes the couple we met tonight at our campsite. They were really fun to hang out with. They had been at the camp all day and caught a bunch of fish. We worked out a deal with them; they would combine their fish and our jambalaya so we could have a feast! Rheann cooked a great dinner, as always!

Tomorrow we are headed to Toledo Bend! We are really excited to get there! It will be a 48 mile ride with a lot of hills. Hopefully that ride is just as enjoyable as today was!

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