Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Raccoons' Rukus

Day 4
The raccoons wreaked havoc on our camp last night. We normally hang our food bags from a tree so they can't reach it, but these raccoons had PhDs! We watched as one of the bigger ones tried to stretch out and reach the bags. It couldn't do it, so it climbed the tree and got on the branch that we hung the bags from. It's additional weight caused the branch to drop low enough for his buddies to hop on the bags! We were impressed, and had to really use our heads to outsmart these guys. I ended up having to climb a tree to make this setup.
It was just out of reach for them and it seemed to work, but I got my hand caught on a nail in one of the trees and got cut pretty bad! We took this picture the next morning.
We woke up this morning feeling like the road kill we have been counting. Two 50 mile days  in a row really took it out of us, so we decided to stay another night at Chicot. We needed and deserved a break! I was ready for a day of fun and relaxation. The first thing I wanted to do this morning was get a fishing line in the water, but we had a few chores to do first. Our clothes were really stinky, so today was laundry day!
We hung our laundry out on a clothesline we brought with us, then we had some breakfast. We went out to the pier for some fishing, but didn't have much luck. We didn't mind though, the view was great!

After our fishing was done, we took a little ride around the park. We explored some of the trails and took in the fresh air.
To finish off the day, we rented a boat and went fishing again. We had a few bites this time, but both of our reels malfunctioned so we had to cut the trip short.

We went back to camp empty handed, so I went on a ride down the road to get some supplies.
I rode 5 miles, in the dark (uphill both ways!) and arrived at the store, only to find out its been closed for an hour! 
I caught a ride from a nice guy who also got to the store at the same time, and brought me to walmart to pick up some supplies. Normally, I would have ridden the 10 mile stretch, but it was dark out and very dangerous!
When I got back to camp, Rheann cooked up some dinner for us. You would not believe her skill with that little stove! She cooked blackened chicken and rice with onions and bell peppers. She even made some cornbread! It was delicious!
It looks like we are going to go to bed for the night. We plan on riding as far as we feel like tomorrow, then we will just camp in a random spot in the woods; this is called "stealth camping". We are headed to Toledo Bend! We should arrive there in 2-3 days, depending on how far we go tomorrow. I can't wait to fish out there! Hope you enjoyed reading about our trip so far!


  1. Food looks great!I hope the rest day did you well. Good luck on your journey to your next campsite and the stealth camping.

    1. We were able to make the 50 miles to the next campsite, so no stealth camping!

  2. Heh, It's funny that you are giving an account of roadkill. Great Photo's!

  3. Thanks! It give us something to do on those long stretches of highway!!