Monday, August 12, 2013

The Plan

The Plan

Leaving everything behind and going on the open road won't be easy. Here is a rundown of how we are preparing for our journey.

Step One
We are selling everything we own
Craigslist and eBay gods please grant us plentiful bids- Amen
If you're interested Here's our eBay profile

Step Two
Stock up for the trip
lots of online shopping

Step Three
Obtain our transportation
This requires a little explanation, ever heard of cycle touring? Well it's basically riding long distances and  carrying everything you need along, that's how we plan on getting around. Currently we are building some bikes with the help of an amazing local shop 

Step Four
We are planning a short trip in a few weeks to test all our gear. We will leave from our home in Metairie, Louisiana and ride to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, spend the night and ride back.

Step Five
We've already planned the first leg of our journey. First stop Texas and all the sites in-between
here's the Map
We do have many more stops planned but that's our first

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