Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Countdown Begins!

The Countdown Begins!

The Bikes

Posted by Rheann
Finally they are built! Our mean cycling machines are finished!
Big thanks to Bayou Bikes and Zach! They have been invaluable to us as we get started on our journey.
It took a lot of getting used to on our first ride. Learning how to get on and off the clip less petals was a little painful! Brian had used them before so he was a little better off. I had it a little harder, falling over in the middle of the road 3 times wasn't exactly the most pleasant experience! (Neither was the rain, nor the puddles I fell in, nor the traffic splashing us!) Both of our butts are sore from the seats, but that will go away with more riding.

Full Gear

Now that we finally got our bikes, we had to try out hauling the gear to see how the Bob trailers handled. To our surprise, it felt a lot easier than our first ride on the bikes. The trailers seemed to push us along once we got rolling. Even over bumps and potholes, they followed easily behind us. The only time we really felt them was starting off or going up hills, but even then it was still manageable.
I'm really excited to go on our training trip to Ocean Springs, MS. Then I'll finally have the upper hand and show Brian up with my camping skills!
Let the training begin!
To grandmothers house we go!

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