Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs Trip

Posted by Brian

The Ride In
We parked just before the St. Louis Bay bridge and began the 39 mile trek to our campsite in the Gulf Island National seashore. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was great. We were on the open road with only ourselves and a few possessions. This is what real freedom feels like!

Although the trip was a blast, the ride there had some problems. We had bike troubles, sunburn, and a few too many falls by Rheann.We started the ride with a lot of energy, but reached the camp site worn out and ready for some relaxation.

Rheann in Pass Christian
Brian in Pass Christian

Setting Up Camp
We got there in one piece ready to set up camp, but needed a few extra supplies for dinner. I left to pick some things up while Rheann handled the tent and the fire. We thought we spotted a market on the way in (about a 3 miles from camp), but when I got there I discovered that it was really a bar! Who names their bar "The Government Street Grocery"? I ended up riding a couple extra miles trying to find a supermarket. 

Rheann got the tent up, sleeping bags out, and then she made dinner. I don't care if you're name is Emiril Lagasse, until you can beat Rheann on a camp stove I will not be impressed by your cooking skills! She cooked some jambalaya on the sketchiest of fires, and it was delicious!

Fast forward an hour and we are ready to get showered.... "Where's the toiletry bag?" "Uhhhh....I can't find it...." We forgot to bring soap! We had a full day's worth of stench on us and nothing to remove it with! We had to take showers with only water. 

Despite our smell, we snuggled up to bed only to get woken up by critters trying to get at the food bag. A family of raccoons decided to keep us and our food company for the night. After chasing them off a few times, we finally foiled them by hanging the bag from a tree with our rope.

In the morning Rheann made pancakes for breakfast. We packed up camp and got ready to ride home. 
Master chef Rheann
You want me to sleep where?

The Ride Home and Meeting Our First Fellow Bike Tourist
This ride was a bit easier, even though we were sunburned and tired from the day before. We had some more minor bike problems, but nothing too serious. We made significantly better time on the ride back.

Our ride was almost over when we ran into our first road buddy! His name was Eric. He was from Panama and seemed to travel a lot lighter than we did. Eric was a very interesting guy, and his way of seeing life was very similar to ours. We only talked with him for half an hour, but we could tell he was a very passionate and friendly person. He was a lot more experienced than we were at touring. 

After he told us about everywhere he had been, Eric told us about his current trip. He was on a spiritual journey. His path is going to take him across the Underground Rail Road, where escaped slaves had to run in order to reach freedom. His journey started in New Orleans, and will end in Niagra Falls! He spoke of his trip with such enthusiasm and vigor, and I am happy for him to have found something so meaningful to him. We enjoyed meeting Eric and wish him safe travels on his journey.

Our new friend Eric

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