Friday, August 9, 2013

The Beginning of Our Journey

Our story

The Beginning of Our Journey

Meet, fall in love, move away together, struggle, find dream job, move....still unhappy
We searched, we moved, and eventually we found that dream job we hoped for. Great pay, great benefits... Brian was working 72+ hours a week and Rheann never saw him. Meanwhile she was was taking classes, not because she really wanted a business degree, but because she felt like she had to.

We had what we thought we wanted, but the job hours were only getting worse. All the work we had done together and all we had made it through was being tested to the core. 

Why was all this so important to us? Why were we looking for this dream job and money? To buy things that we didn't need and only thought we wanted? To help everyone else get rich and contribute to a broken system? Why do we spend so much of our lives working for nothing, when we can spend it actually living?

 We are RETIRING EARLY, we are hitting the road and seeing the beauty and majesty that is all around us.  It's easy to sit back and follow the plan society has put forth for everyone; school, college, a 9-5 job, marriage, mortgage, babies, mid life crisis, and then becoming grandparents. We don't want easy, we want exciting!!

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